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Can you help Nottinghamshire Blood Bikes save a life?

Nottinghamshire Blood Bikes are a UK Registered Charity, run entirely by unpaid volunteers.

We provide an out-of-hours, emergency transport service to the NHS, delivering blood and other urgent medical items, primarily between hospitals in and around Nottinghamshire. We do this completely free of charge, so hospitals can divert funding to frontline patient care. In critical situations, these items may need to be delivered urgently in order to help save a patient’s life.

Our vehicles, with their ‘Hi-Viz’ emergency-grade livery, can quickly but safely cut through heavy traffic to reach their destination sooner. We transport blood stocks, samples, swabs, medical notes, and even frozen human breast milk for premature babies, all free of charge to the NHS.

A bit of what we do...

Outside office hours, when their internal courier service is not available, hospitals rely on local taxi companies or couriers to transfer urgently required blood or other medical supplies. This costs the average hospital tens of thousands of pounds. We also support the provision of donor breast milk, collecting supplies from Milk Banks in Sheffield, Hull and even Chester, delivering to King’s Mill Hospital.

This vital product can reduce mortality rates for premature babies and has significant ongoing health benefits. We operate from 7pm to 6am Monday to Friday and then with continuous, 24-hour coverage across the weekend, plus every Bank Holiday - come rain or shine - 365 days a year.

To date, we have completed over 1,250 jobs for 3 separate NHS Trusts in the county but, in reality, we have only scratched the surface of the work that could potentially be done… As the scope of our operations increases, it becomes more apparent that we need another bike stationed in the North of the county, ideally in the Mansfield area. How you can help…

The 100cc Club We invite you to join a wide range of sponsors, all making a nominal contribution to our funding plans in order to ensure a first-class service to the NHS in Nottinghamshire. In turn, you’ll be helping us to save lives, save money for the NHS, and helping premature babies receive the very best start in life. We’re asking for 100 Charitable Companies to pledge a minimum, one-off payment of £100 to help us reach our £10,000 funding target. Only when we have reached this target we will ask you to make your donation… although we won’t stop you from making the contribution earlier!

Our next journey could save a life – will yours? Click here for full details on how to help!

Author: Caroline Cox

Caroline is the Operations Director for Mansfield and Ashfield 2020. The most important part of this role is to listen, support and act! Through monthly focus groups we identify opportunities and challenge key bodies to provide a partnership approach to avoid duplication and monitor efforts to fulfill our philosophy which has always been firmly centered on our business community, growth and skills.

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