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Career Champions

Bridging the Gap Between Schools and Businesses

Mansfield and Ashfield 2020 is committed to supporting member schools to access employers to support employability activities delivered in school or in the workplace. The Career Champions will be brokered into schools via the Mansfield & Ashfield Enterprise Advisor Network.

Download the Career Champion Information brochure here.

What are the aims of the Career Champions?

Connect the local business community with one clear objective in mind - to ‘improve the employability skills of our lo­cal young people’. We aim to get local employers involved and signed up to be a Career Champion to help us bridge the gap between schools and young people.

What have the Career Champions done?

Researched the needs of young people:

An overwhelming number of young people reported that they wished to have greater engagement with employers to help them with making their career choices and develop employability skills.

Researched into the needs of local employers:

Employers want young people who are confident, have good communication skills, literacy and numeracy skills, enterprising and entrepreneurial characteristics, motivated to name a few!

What have we achieved?

To date hundreds of young people and many local businesses have engaged with the Career Champions, helping to raise aspirations and bridge the gap between young people and employers.

The real benefits of the work will be visible in years to come when we can see the impact on youth unemployment.

Why don’t you become a Career Champion?

By becoming a Career Champion a business will be taking a pledge to commit to undertaking at least one activity each academic year which will support the employability skills of students within the Mansfield Learning Partnership. Activities include: ·

Providing a work experience placement

Leading a student Master Class

Mentoring students

Sponsoring an event

Giving a motivational speech

Sponsoring a student to attend a Mansfield and Ashfield 2020 Breakfast Meeting

Providing career based top tips for a schools website

What is in it for you?

Businesses who sign up to the Career Champions Pledge will be part of the Career Champions Hall of fame for that academic year, benefiting from publicity along with an accreditation to support corporate social responsibility policies. Businesses who take the pledge will have the opportunity to use the Career Champion logo for that year on their corporate materials, along with a Career Champions certificate. You will be named on the Chad ‘Career Champion Hall of Fame’ and have the opportunity to be nominated for the M2020 Career Champion Business Award.

What’s next?

If you would like to become a Career Champion contact Caroline Cox

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